Season Two: The Aftermath

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Tubbo realizes that now that L'manberg is gone for good, he can finally get away from it all. He decides to move into an uninhabited part of the server and call it Snowchester, due to the cold snowy climate. The main buildings are log cabins made from spruce wood and a few stone towers and walls.

Jack Manifold moves in with him, just so he can get close enough to kill Tommy unbeknowest to Tubbo.

Tubbo's Snowchester skin. His face remains the same, but now he wears thick wool and fur clothes. There is a brown hood pulled over his head with white fur around the edge. He wears a faded green plaid shirt under a brown vest. The vest has white fur around the edges of the neck, the shoulder cuffs, down the front seam, and along the bottom. He wears thick brown pants and brown snow boots with white fur around the ankles. Jack's Snowchester skin. His face remains the same and he now wears the exact same outfit as Tubbo.
A screenshot from someone's stream. It shows one of the houses in Snowchester. Part of the house sits over the water, the other half sits on the snowy sandy banks. The foundation is made from stone bricks while the main part of the building is made out of spruce planks and logs. The roof is outlined with stone bricks. There is a player in full diamond armor walking up the spruce stairs to the double front doors. This is a drawing of a headshot of Tubbo. He is drawn to be more goat-like but it's still undeniably Tubbo. His hair is longer and shaggier. It's also drawn brown like his hair in real life. He has goat's ears, but they're turned down. He has two horns growing from his temples but they curl away from his face and towards the back of his head. His eyes are large but defeatist and melancholistic. His right cheek has a fireworks scare under his eye. It's nighttime and snowing outside. Tubbo wears his Snowchester outfit.Art by @SolarspanArt on Twitter This is a landscape of Snowchester. On the left-hand side of the screen, Tubbo stands on top of a stone tower, looking out over Snowchester. He's on guard duty, as he holds a trident and a sheild with the Snowchester flag on in. He's also wearing his Snowchester outfit and is drawn to be more goat-like. Below him is a log cabin house. The lights are on inside, emitting a warm, comforting glow. There is a small dock between the stone tower and the cabin. We cannot see where it leads, only that it leads out to the sea. On the far-right of the drawing, there is another tower made out of what appears to be spruce planks. It's octoganal in shape and all of its windows are dark and cold. In the background in the sea, there is a cement walkway that protect's Snowchester's ocean, creating a sort of bay (sorry, I don't know sea terminology). There is a gap to let small boats through. It's nighttime and snowing out.Art by @paper-glasses on Tumblr

This is also around the time the fandom begins to associate Tubbo with goats/sheep, giving him long shaggy hair, horns, and sometimes goat ears. This is likely because of his previous comparison to Schlatt and his presidency where Schlatt was heavily associated with rams/ram horns. The shaggier hair also reflects how Tubbo is much more relaxed about things now.

Tommy's stream
Tubbo's stream 1
Tubbo's stream 2
Tubbo's stream 3


Ranboo moves in with Techno and Phil, but since Techno won't allow Ranboo to live in the house, Ranboo builds a shack in his backyard.

During this time, Ranboo meets with Tubbo in Snowchester. Tubbo builds him an electric chair to help him with his memory problems. It doesn't work.

Tubbo's stream
Ranboo's stream

This is a screenshot from Ranboo's stream. He's dug himself a hole in the side of a hill in Techno's backyard. He has a small pen with a spruce roof that contains a few chests, a furnace, an ender chest, and a crafting table. Lanterns and torches are equally distrubuted inside. Outside the small stable-like pen, Ranboo has a map of the area put on his wall, there is a campfire sitting in the middle of the space, and a blue parrot sits. Along the left of the screenshot is a small river which wheat grows next to. The other side is lined with torches to keep it from turning to ice.


Karl begins to host a new series called "Tales from the SMP" that act as stand-alone stories in each episode. Sometimes these episodes take place in the past, sometimes in the future, and sometimes in the not-so-distant future of the SMP.

While the majority of each episode gives the SMP members a chance to be silly and fun with their entertainment, each episode also contains a bit of a serious note towards the end as more of Karl's story is revealed.

There is a separate section detailing each episode listed here.

This is a drawing of Karl from the waist-up. He's wearing his purple hoodie with the green swirl. He's standing in a dark room looking at a series of arcade machines. The one closest to the screen with the title Tales of the SMP is shining a brighter light than the others, drawing Karl's attention. The next one back is L'manberg but there is out of order caution tape covering its screen. The third arcade machine is hard to make out, but it says Dream SMP.Art by FlowBytee

Wilbur's Resurrection

January 10th, 2021

Eret follows through with her promise to Ghostbur about bringing Alivebur back. She builds a shrine in the ruins of L'manberg in the spot where Wilbur's button room originally sat with things that were important to Wilbur: TNT, blue blocks, buttons, brewing stands, and a salmon. Eventually Friend the sheep also joins the shrine.

A screenshot from Philza's stream. Ghostbur stands with his back to Phil in front of the shrine Eret built. Friend the sheep is at his side, blending in with the blue blocks in the shrine.

Phil and Eret have the idea to get Wilbur back by recreating Wilbur's final death with the same weapon in the same spot. They loosely go through the same dialogue before Phil stabs Wilbur with the diamond sword. Ghostbur disappears for a second.

The first time, it doesn't work. Ghostbur comes back saying he was in a white room with two other people. Ghostbur has his doubts but he wants to continue anyway.

Phil also believes that it won't work unless a totem of undying is present somewhere, but he also continues with the resurrection.

The second time they try, Ghostbur is gone for longer, and when he gets back, he says that he only saw one person in the white room this time.

Ghostbur falls silent for a second, and the voice that speaks next isn't his. It's Schlatt, speaking through Ghostbur's body! Phil and Eret quickly realize that they failed to bring Wilbur back but did in fact bring someone else back.

Philza's stream

A drawing of Ghostbur and Schlatt's ghost combined together. On the left is Ghostbur in his yellow sweater and red beanie, looking distraught and holding a piece of blue. Fused from the hip up is Schlatt's ghost, or Glatt, on the right. He's wearing a blue sweater and grinning. He otherwise looks the same as he did in death, with his ram's horns and muttonchops. The two are fuzed together to a singular ghost tail that wraps behind them like the wind.Art by @kuzzirog on Tumblr


January 15th, 2021

Ranboo decides to confront the voice in the panic room. It comes back the second he steps foot into the room, and heartily mentions something that Ranboo doesn't remember doing. Ranboo realizes that he blacks out and moves around in these states but can't exactly remember what was going on.

The voice, that still sounds like Dream, says that during one of these blackouts, Ranboo supposedly met up with Dream and receiving one of Tommy's discs from Dream.

Ranboo insists that that didn't happen, that Dream would only entrust him with something that valuable if Ranboo did something for Dream. He slowly comes to realize, with help from the goading voice, that it was probably payment for blowing up the community house.

He convinces himself that it wasn't real and goes to the one spot he would have kept the disc had he had it in his possession, a chest buried in his yard. He digs everywhere, scratching that itch in the back of his mind by proving that he made it up. However, one of the final spots he decides to check, he does find a chest that he didn't remember burying. When he opens it, he finds a disc inside. Ranboo is so shocked that he blacks out, and his usual end lore smile starts flashing in morse code.

Ranboo's stream

Panic Room - Kanaya

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