Season Two: The Aftermath

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January 16th, 2021

Tommy is still living in his original dirt house in the side of the hill outside of what once was L'manberg but still occasionally visits Tubbo in Snowchester. However, Tommy recieves an urgent message to log onto the server. When he does, he finds that someone griefed his house, replacing all of his dirt walls and floor with netherrack (a flamable block) and then lighting it on fire. A lone chest sits in the middle of the chaos.

This is a screenshot from Tommy's stream. Tommy stands outside his dirt house except all of the blocks have been removed and replaced with maroon netherrack, including some of the hill. All of it, and some of the surrounding grass, is on fire. A single double chest sits in the flames with two oak signs on top of it. Tommy holds a shield and a fish in his hands and his facecam shows him genuinely shocked.

Inside the chest, there is an enchanted compass that supposedly points to Tommy's discs. There are also directions that say to bring only it and Tubbo along; no armor, no weapons, no extra help.

Tommy's stream


January 16th, 2021

Ranboo streams the next day, having completely forgotten about the disc and finds his yard torn up. He quickly fills it in and finds the chest again. However, instead of the disc inside, there is only a note that reads "Thanks :)". Ranboo's inventory is also filled with netherrack and a flint and steel. He doesn't comment any further about it.

Ranboo makes a new shelter beneath his shack and calls it his "Comfort Room", decorating it with the unusual amount of netherrack he has on hand.

Ranboo's stream

This is a screenshot from Ranboo's stream. He is standing in his underground bunker, his Comfort Room. It's pretty cramped, but there is enough space for Ranboo to move about and also bring his pets down. The walls are made out of maroon netherrack. The cieling is made out of spruce planks. To his right is a square of dirt with a spruce sapling growing from it. Farther along the wall is a red parrot, a few different mob head hung on the wall (two zombies and a creeper), and an armor stand with a full set of enchanted netherite armor. A blue parrot sits at the armor stand's feet. There is a ladder that leads up to the surface. To his left is a small pen spanning the length of the room made out of spruce fencing containing two desert rabbits.

Kiss Your Dreams Goodbye - Derivakat

The Egg

Meanwhile, the Egg has expanded, covering more of the SMP with its blood vines. The members of the Badlands (Bad, Antfrost, Skeppy, and Sam) and Puffy start to worship it like a god and some claim to even hear its voice. Sam thinks it's too weird, so he dips early. Bad becomes the sort of de facto leader.

This is a screenshot from someone's stream. It shows the red Egg has grown since we've last seen it, but not by much. Red blood vines the same color as the Egg spread out from it like cracks in a mirror.

Skeppy becomes jealous of Bad's love towards the Egg, giving Bad an ultimatum: either me or the Egg. Bad takes too long to answer, so Skeppy starts to attack it. The Egg pulls Skeppy inside of it, trapping him despite's Bad's concerns. When it's clear that the Egg is not letting Skeppy go, Bad snaps out of the trance long enough to realize that the Egg might be doing more harm than good.

This is a drawing of Skeppy held inside the Egg. He's dressed in his blue sweatshirt and black pants and his head is a bright blue diamond cube. The Egg is holding Skeppy's arms above his head and forcing him down onto his knees. Red vines circle his arms and torso and rest on the top of his head. Skeppy's eyes have turned red. The inside of the Egg is red and stringy, looking like a pumpkin.Art by u/ivysums on Reddit

After a few days, the Egg lets Skeppy out, but he's changed. He's no longer the bright fun-loving prankster. He's now monotone and bored of everyone around him. Even his color has changed, from the bright blue diamonds to the dark red of the Egg.

Skeppy's red skin. Everything about Skeppy remains the same except now his skin is color swapped to be the same red as the Egg. He is still shiny and still has the happy smile, but now the tongue is blue.

Bad notices Skeppy's change right away and is desperate to get him back to normal. He tries everything from killing him to shocking his system to even getting him to bathe and drink water from the fountain in Church Prime. Nothing is working. Skeppy is getting tired of Bad poking and prodding him and wants Bad to just leave him alone.

A screenshot from someone's stream. Skeppy, in his red skin, stands with no armor but carries a shield in the back of Church Prime. Bad stands in full netherite armor (minus a helmet) and holds a trident facing Skeppy.

When Bad goes back to the Egg to complain about it taking Skeppy away from him, the Egg says in a cryptic voice that he can get Skeppy back if he rejoins the Egg. Bad willingly rejoins the Egg and becomes even more under its influence.

A screenshot from someone's stream. It shows a small section of Eret's fortress covered in red blood vines. They snake across the ground and even go up the side of the wall.

As the vines grow across the SMP, members soon realize that the vines can change the colors of some of the blocks around them, even going so far as draining the color from some of the members' skins. Red blocks are bleached white. Blue blocks turn red. White blocks turn black. Everything starts getting topsy-turvy around the SMP.

There are only a few places where the vines have grown and died, namely being over Schlatt's grave and by some soul lanterns in Eret's museum. These vines have dried up and turned into cobblestone. Some members speculate that soul lanterns might have something to do with it.

Blood Vines - Fumi03

Niki & Jack

Jack visits Niki and tells her about his plan to get closer to Tubbo so that he can kill Tommy. Niki thinks that's a great idea and joins forces with Jack to get rid of Tommy. They literally become Team Rocket, even going so far as dressing up for Halloween 2021.

This is a drawing of Niki and Jack. They're both wearing Team Rocket's uniform from the Pokemon anime, the white suits with red R's on the front. Niki has bright pink hair. Jack retains his blue and red glasses.Artist currently unknown
This is a drawing of Niki and Jack. They both wear Team Rocket's uniform and are posing looking happy at the camera. Niki has bright pink hair, and Jack retains his blue and red glasses. There appears to be a light between the two, casting them in a glow.Art by @artsyebonyrose on Twitter
This is a photo of the real life content creators Nihachu and Jack Manifold. They are wearing home-made Team Rocket costumes for Halloween.

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